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Nascar tickets – denny hamlin wins texas race, overcoming knee injury

NASCAR Tickets – Denny Hamlin Wins Texas Race, Overcoming Knee Injury

He might have limped out of his No. 11 stock car following the rain-delayed Samsung Mobile 500 at the Texas Motor Speedway on April 19, but Denny Hamlin’s track record at Monday races went unscathed once again as the injured racecar driver sped away to yet another win in the 2010 Sprint Cup Series.

Hamlin’s second win in three races came at Texas just three weeks after he went under the knife to repair an ACL injury in his left knee, and the young Joe Gibbs Racing superstar didn’t seem to mind the soreness in his knee as he claimed a victory at April’s Samsung Mobile 500 at Texas. Hamlin certainly won’t let anyone rain on his parade, and he proved it by outlasting yet another rain delay to win his second Monday race in a row (the last being March 29 at Martinsville).

Hamlin’s No. 11 Toyota zipped into Victory Lane in Texas after a late crash claimed frontrunners Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart on April 19. In the final laps of the race, Hamlin surged past leader Jeff Burton on a Lap 323 (of 334) restart, crossing the finish line in first before cautiously stepping foot outside his stock car. Just three weeks after having surgery to repair a torn ACL, Hamlin seems to be back in contention for the Chase, and this second win of the season launched him into 11th place in driver standings – good enough to make the Chase if the season was to end today.

After posting the big win in Texas, Hamlin spoke to NASCAR.com about his mid-season surgery, saying, “I did it for the long run. I did it for the Chase. I did it for the championship… I’m still not 100 percent by any means. I feel like I’m 60 [percent] at best. We’re still a month away from getting back where we were.” Even though Denny Hamlin will be nursing a bum knee for the next couple months, his healthy right leg was enough to pack the heat at the Samsung Mobile 500 in Texas, and the 29-year-old driver hopes it will be enough to lead him into the Chase by the end of this season – a plausible goal as of now.

Currently sitting in 11th place in Cup Series standings after the April 19 Texas race (rocketing from No. 18 the previous week), Denny Hamlin is right on the line to make the Chase for the Championship, and by the 10-race playoff at the end of this season he hopes to have solidified a legit chance at his first series championship. After Texas, reigning champion Jimmie Johnson still sits in first place in driver standings, with Matt Kenseth in second, Greg Biffle in third, Kevin Harvick in fourth, Jeff Gordon in fifth, Kyle Busch in sixth, Dale Earnhardt Jr. in seventh, Jeff Burton in eighth, Kurt Busch in ninth, Mark Martin in 10th, Hamlin in 11th and Joey Logano in 12th.

With things heating up in the Cup Series this April, <a href=”http://www.stubhub.com/nascar-tickets/”>NASCAR tickets</a> are red-hot items on the sports market. NASCAR fans are thrilled to see if Denny Hamlin will be able to hold his place in the Top 12 as he continues the recovery process from recent surgery, and with several other big races coming up over the next couple months, time will soon tell if Hamlin’s two big wins in March and April will be enough to boost him into the Chase.

Cannondale 800

Cannondale 800

Cannondale and Cannondale 800. The Top 7 Things You Should Know

Cannondale information isn’t always reliable when you search on the web, as too many people are trying to sell you something instead of actual providing useful resources you can use.

Below are 7 tips about cannondale and cannondale 800 that I hope you find helpful.

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Tip #1

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Tip #2

Road bicycles are designed to be used only on paved and smooth roads. They cannot be used on off-road terrain paths. Some road cycles are also known as racing Bicycles, since they are generally used for cycle racing. Nevertheless, they are the most preferred form of bicycling, as most cycling is done on paved roads. They are lightweight and very fast bikes. They are also very strong, with the ability to go over a 100 miles per day. However, they are not comfortable for riding over bad roads. They are also not recommended for people who have back, wrist, shoulder, prostate and neck problems.

Tip #3

Bicycle Seats are very important. Many people do not ride a bike because it makes their backside hurt. Your position on the bike is as important as having a comfortable seat to keeping your butt from hurting. Proper seat height makes a big difference in how much weight is on your seat. A common problem is having your seat too low which puts more weight on your backside making riding less comfortable.

Tip #4

Cycling needs efforts from whole body. This is completely mechanical equipment transforming your feet actions into motion. It is a complete exercise for whole body, because it helps you in warming up. Regular cycling is helpful for people suffering from cardiovascular, arthritis, and joints related problems. Bicycling is especially helpful for those with arthritis of the lower limbs and who are unable to pursue sports activities such as running that involve more impact to joints such as the knees and ankles.

Tip #5

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Tip #6

When I was a kid, my first bicycle was the typical banana seat with training wheels. My next bicycle was a 10-speed which I rode around the neighborhood not knowing how to actually use the gears. When I became an adult I stopped riding all together until a good friend of mine decided we should start bike riding to help shed some extra weight. I thought it was a great idea as there are bike trails in my neighborhood.

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The right club for every situation

The Right Club For Every Situation

When you are playing a game of golf, one of the ways that you can ensure good performance is to have a good discretion when it comes to picking out the right golf club. In any given situation, you are faced with 14 different choices. The trick to being an expert golfer is being able to spot these situations when they come up, and decide which club to use from there. This is how you begin to truly improve your game, since each club has a very specific hitting ability. There are many different factors to observe when picking a golf club. Here are the main ones, and how you can analyze them to choose a golf club.

The distance between you and the target is the biggest factor in choosing the club. Since you can pretty much line them all up from the least to the greatest hitting power, you will be able to choose one that is in the correct range. Irons and Wedges are usually best if you are closer. They don’t have as much hitting power as the long-range clubs, but they have the higher accuracy that you will need to hone in on your target. However, if you are still close to the beginning of the course (perhaps in the par-six or par-five zones), you will want to pick the long-range clubs. These include the Fairway woods, or the driver. These will allow you to really put your muscle into the swing and hit the ball a long way.

The wind is something that the real expert golfers really take into account, although often its importance is lost on the newer golfers. If the wind is blowing particularly hard in the direction that you wish to hit the ball, you can drop down to a less powerful club in order to allow the wind to pick up the slack. The same goes if the wind is coming forcefully towards you, in the opposite direction of your target. You will have to hit the ball extra hard in order to make up for the undesirable wind conditions, so choose a club that reflects this change. Usually it can be very hard for a beginner to determine how the wind strength and direction will affect their shot, so don’t worry if the concept is lost on you at first. It just takes experience to start to make the connections.

Besides the horizontal distance between you and the target, you also need to consider the vertical distance. Hitting to a plane that is higher than your current one requires more club power, which means that you should probably switch to the club that is one rank above the one you would have chosen. The same goes if the ground is lower. If you use a regular club to hit to a target that is 10 feet lower than you, chances are you are going to overshoot it. By using a smaller club according to the change in elevation, you will avoid quite a few lakes and sand traps. Always plan out your shot thoroughly, and consider all of the elevations and the general shape of the golf course.

The surface of the golf course is the final thing that you want to consider, and is probably the easiest. If you are in difficult terrain, your top priority is not necessarily to get the ball to the hole, but rather just to get onto better terrain that will allow a better shot. Therefore you shouldn’t try to choose the more powerful clubs. Instead, stick with the smaller ones and get yourself back into the game as best as you can. High loft irons are good for this purpose, instead of drivers or fairway woods. It may be difficult to remember all of these factors at first, but as you get more involved with golfing you will become very familiar with them.