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Shimano tyrnos: catching the big fish with the right shimano reels is like cheating

Shimano Tyrnos: Catching the Big Fish With the Right Shimano Reels is Like Cheating!

Shimano Tyrnos: Catching the Big Fish with the Right Shimano Reels

Fishing has become a big sport. Recreational fishing, whether as a hobby or sport, has helped turn the fishing industry into what it is now-a multi-billion dollar business. Majority of this business comes from the sale and production of fishing gears. One of the most important equipment to consider as an angler is your fishing reel. Various fishing reels are available in the market. Each one differs in specification, function, and details. One of the most popular types of fishing reels in the market is the Shimano Reels. Shimano Reels are known to be durable and superiorly crafted to compliment every fishing enthusiast’s style of fishing. Shimano Reels have a variety of models that their customers can choose from. One of the most well known is the Shimano Tyrnos.

The Tyrnos Qualities

The Shimano Tyrnos is a top quality Shimano Reel that combines some of the best features found in other Shimano Reels, making it superior in function and in form. The Shimano Tyrnos features an aluminum frame and graphite side plates that help to make it lightweight and agile during offshore fishing. The Shimano Tyrnos also display some of the more impressive lever drags. The lever drag decreases and can completely get rid of the lever movement caused by the boat’s vibrations. The range of the drag can be preprogrammed allowing you to push the Strike button and set a specific tension from an unlimited range. On the other hand, you can also use the Strike to Full button or specify a tension anywhere between the two.

The design for the Shimano Tyrnos was also carefully considered. It makes use of comfortable, non-slip grips giving you a good hold and allowing for increase torque. There are some qualities unique to the Tyrnos that most Shimano Reels don’t have. The Shimano Tyrnos does not have a Super Stopper. Instead, it has alternating reverse twin pawl that gives you hooksetting power with minimum backlash. Certain models also have top crossbars in a reduced profile, giving you tremendous line control whenever you drop lures and back baits for trolling. Apart from that, the Shimano Tyrnos has oversized gears that provide you the cranking power you need.

There are currently six models for the Shimano Tyrnos. Each one differs in its line capacity, maximum drag, and weight. Innovations such as the Tyrnos Two Speed model allow maneuvers that give you easy control when switching from high to low gears with just the press of a button. This gives you the option to adjust the power of the reel in low gear with the speed needed in plotting a lure on a hook up in high gear.

Every angler’s dream is to find the perfect fishing reel to help him or her catch that fish. Shimano, as a leading manufacturer of fishing gear, works to provide the ultimate Shimano Reels that each fishing enthusiast can use. The Shimano Tyrnos is one such fishing reel. It will certainly take your mediocre fishing experience and turn it into something more fruitful and rewarding.

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Hand tied crappie jigs

Hand Tied Crappie Jigs

Jigs are becoming one of the most popular types of artificial bait for Crappie fishing. Thousands of different types of combinations are available for purchase anywhere fishing tackle is sold. Typical jigs have a head in which a hook is embedded into, a body, and then a tail, or skirt which is meant to move and cause attraction to the Jig. Each section is interchangeable, which allows for almost endless possibilities.

If you are not satisfied with the colors or combinations available at your local fishing tackle store, then you may want to look into hand tied crappie jigs. Hand tied jigs give you the ability to control all aspects of the Jig. You can specify what type, color, size, and material. This way, if you notice a certain pattern in what the Crappie is biting, you can create a jig that is specific to that pattern.

Say, for example, you have noticed that the Crappie in your area hit on both red, and white colored jigs. You can request your local jig maker or online jig maker to make a jig specific to these colors. Once using the jig, you notice that it works wonders, and you may then request more of the same combination.

Making your own crappie jigs : The majority of avid fisherman have tried to or will try to tie their own Crappie jigs at one point or another. This not only allows you to control exactly the look, size, and type of Jig you create, but also allows you to get a little creative as well.

First, you will need to find all of the supplies you will need to hand tie your own Crappie jigs. Typically, your local fishing tackle store, or outdoors store will have the items you will need. If you are having difficulty finding supplies locally, you may want to consider looking online.

You will need some type of mold to hold your jigs. Molds are easily made of materials like Plaster of Paris. Another option is dental cement. Talk with your local craft store for all the available options.

Hair and feathers can be bought in small or large packages, depending on your situation. You can find these packages at most fishing tackle stores, or online.

Nylon jig hair comes in a wide array of colors and lengths. You can also find this supply at your local fishing store or online. You can create you own color combinations by braiding or weaving 2 colors together.

What makes mcdermott pool cues the best

What Makes McDermott Pool Cues the Best?

Looking for a new pool cue? You can’t go wrong with a McDermott! Handcrafted with aged wood, it’s craftsmanship that makes a McDermott Pool Cue the best.

A McDermott doesn’t just show up on the showroom floor. In order to make the grade with this company, this pool cue has to first make the cut. This established company only uses the finest woods from around the world as material for their product.

After the wood is selected it is then aged for years. During that time it is processed in a variety of ways to remove moisture from the wood to insure quality. The hardness of the wood is developed through these processes as the moisture is removed from your pool cue. Then McDermott artisans handcraft the wood into the various sizes and styles that are offered today.

The McDermott craftsmanship continues as butt designs and finishing touches are added and embellishments are quivered into the pool cues. Lastly a McDermott pool cue is tested and then given a seal of approval. It’s on to the showroom!

McDermott pool cues while unique and renowned for their craftsmanship also have answered the call for variety. You’ll find a pool cue for the player at both ends of the spectrum, just having fun and the top of the game.

For players at the top of their game there is the McDermott Prestige Series. Each pool cue in the series is a limited edition, top quality product. These premium sticks are made of a variety of woods, hard American Maple, African Ebony and East Indian Rosewood just to name a few. These pool cues aren’t for everyone, just customers who demand the very best. Mother of Pearl inlays and the Gold Emblem stamp at the butt of the stick identifies this as the very best in pool playing equipment.

The Elite Series offered by McDermott is just a step down in price but not in quality. Although it doesn’t feature the pearl and gold inlays this series is still one of the most handsome you’ll find. Turquoise and other semi precious stones are used in the design work of these cues. Argyle patterns adorn the stick as well as other interesting colors and shapes. The Elite Series is perfect for the serious player or collector. The Elite Series pool cue is finished five times and buffed to perfection. This series is fantastic!

The Tournament and Competitor Series pool cues are great choices for anyone looking for a quality pool cue at a fraction of the cost. While these series don’t feature all the bells and whistles featured in the Elite or the Prestige, they are still better than most. They’ve passed the test and have been worked and processed to smooth perfection. Colorful and sturdy, these series offer the best cues for the limited budget and the beginning player.

Also check out these series, The Player, The Professional and the Sledgehammer. McDermott has been the top name in pool cues for decades. Why not rely on a company that has the handcrafted details in mind, McDermott!

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