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Zym eco-friendly sports drink

ZYM Eco-Friendly Sports Drink

As “going green” continues to sweep the country, more people are becoming conscious of their carbon footprints. Plastic bottled sports drinks pose a problem to the eco-friendly consumer. This is why sports drink, ZYM comes in a portable effervescent tablet dissolvable in water. ZYM is a great tasting electrolyte drink that beats muscle burn and fights off fatigue and dehydration. Packaged in tubes of 10 tablets and sold for $7.99, ZYM is not only friendly on the wallet, but friendly to the environment. Why throw away 10 bottles when you can recycle one small tube?

Because the powerful ingredients of ZYM come in a tube small enough to fit into a pocket, ZYM is portable and on-the-go. The active individual needs convenience. Since ZYM requires only one bottle and water, ZYM is not only economical, but it accommodates a wide range of people and situations. Claude, a backpack excursionist, says, “I like that ZYM is portable. I bought ZYM for backcountry trips. When you do extended unsupported backcountry trips you get tired of drinking only water every day. ZYM seemed like a good lightweight solutions.” Whether your a recreational athlete or an endurance trainer, ZYM will adjust to all lifestyles.

Not only is ZYM eco-friendly and portable, its premium ingredients have proven it to be effective and great-tasting. President and Founder of Tennis Solutions, Ed Tseng says, “Sports drinks have too much sugar, water can get boring, and carbonated beverages are out of the question…Zym is portable, effective and has only 1 gram of sugar. I recommend it.” Leading sports drinks such as Gatorade contain loads of sugar and calories, which for the active individual is undesirable. ZYM, on the other hand provides great taste without sugar and only 4 calories. Conditioning coach, Dave states, “I like the fact that ZYM is easy to carry around and the ability to mix your own drink. ZYM is much, much better then water because of the electrolytes, and better then the “other” sugar laden drinks.” Thousands of satisfied customers improve their performance and health every day using ZYM. By accommodating a wide spectrum of needs felt by active individuals, ZYM is not only economical, but versatile. Whether on the go or in the midst of athletic competition, ZYM is there to hydrate, fuel, and augment performance results.

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What are the typical prices for tickets to a winter olympics event

What Are the Typical Prices For Tickets to a Winter Olympics Event?

Tickets to Winter Olympic events are difficult to get a hold of; they take place only once every four years and feature some of the very best athletes from every corner of the world competing against each other in one venue. The rarity of this type of competition, coupled with the tremendous of athleticism and intense competition that is likely to take place makes the tickets a bit more expensive than a sporting event or show that is more commonplace.

Even under the blanket of the Olympics, individual competitions or games in the same sport, conducted on the same day can vary drastically in price depending on quite a few factors. Here is a quick breakdown of some of the more popular Winter Olympic Events and how they will differ in cost at the 2010 games.

The Popularity of the Individual Event

This has a lot to do with the cost of tickets to each of the events. The most popular Winter Olympic events are ice hockey and figure skating, so it’s no coincidence and should come as no surprise that these two events have, by far, the most expensive tickets. Ski jumping and speed skating are also very popular and have higher priced seating than many of the other events, but the prices of tickets to these events pales in comparison to the tickets for hockey and figure skating.

Sports like cross country skiing and curling still can draw large crowds but comparatively, they aren’t nearly as popular as some of the other Winter Olympic events. Fewer people know of the athletes that compete in these games and there isn’t a great deal of action to keep the audience on the edge of their seats so ticket prices to these events are among the cheapest that you can find for a Winter Olympic event. You could conceivably be able to get tickets to a qualifying round of either of these events for between twenty-five and forty dollars and you could get into even the gold medal round for fewer than one hundred dollars.

What’s on the Line

This is where the greatest disparity between ticket prices at Winter Olympic Games events occurs. Preliminary rounds of any event are far less expensive than the elimination rounds and elimination rounds are far less expensive than the medal rounds. Tickets in the Gold medal round of some sports can net more than ten times more than tickets in the prelims for the same sport.

Here’s a quick look at some of the biggest differences in ticket prices between the first day of an event and the medal round.

The price for the cheapest seats to a 2010 game in the first round of women’s ice hockey is just twenty-five dollars, in the men’s ice hockey first round the cheap seats are around fifty dollars. The price of a high end ticket to the Gold medal game of men’s ice hockey is the most expensive at the 2010 games a whopping $775.00. This is the most drastic comparison, but some others do have a pretty big difference as well figure skating prelim tickets can be had for fifty dollars, but a ticket in the medal round can be upwards of $525.00.

Most of the other events don’t have quite as drastic a difference even between preliminary rounds and medal rounds. Tickets to snowboarding will cost you between fifty and $150.00, speed skating tickets for 2010 will be anywhere between ninety-five dollars and $185.00 and Luge tickets will cost their viewers between thirty and eighty-five dollars.

As you can see, there aren’t really any typical prices for Olympic event tickets, but if you don’t have a great deal of money to spend you might want to opt for preliminary or early rounds of the events that you want to see, because as the days of the Games go on and as each event begins to mean more the cost of the tickets begins to rise dramatically.

Cornhole tournaments

Cornhole Tournaments

If you have become an ardent fan of the family game Cornhole, then you will probably want to know about cornhole tournaments. It depends on your level of play, of course, to determine where you should play and how much you should invest, but there are tournaments throughout the country that cater to just about every level. Many of these tournaments are organized by local individuals and groups and not sanctioned by any Cornhole governing body, such as the American Cornhole Association (ACA).

Local cornhole tournaments

Many cornhole tournaments are organized for charity events. Their purpose is to raise money for a worthy cause, and this generally brings out a more tame crowd of cornhole enthusiasts –not the die-hard competitors who are looking to score gold at the next Olympics when cornhole finally becomes a sanctioned medal-earning sport.

The ACA will also list some of these tournaments on their website so that fans of the game can get the latest on where these tournaments will take place. It isn’t all that difficult to put together a cornhole tournament –it simply takes an open space with a level field and a number of cornhole boards and bean bags, which many charity events find donated by local families who want to take part in the event.

Cornhole tournaments of this nature are great for the entire family. Kids and adults can compete to see who will last the longest – mom or dad or brother or sister. You can cheer each other on and see who makes it to the championship round. Charity cornhole tournaments also are a great way to enjoy all the festivities that tend to accompany such a family fun event.

ACA Sponsored Tournaments

If you’re interested in the die hard competition, however, all you have to do is visit the ACA’s website –www.playcornhole.org- and see a list of all of the tournaments that are scheduled, and sanctioned, by the ACA throughout the country. Make note, however, that these tournaments will generally bring out the best players in the country and if you’re in it for fun, or are new to the activity, then you may not last long in it.

Still, the atmosphere can be vibrant and alive and just attending a cornhole tournament can offer you many insights into strategies and techniques that you weren’t aware of initially. Check the ACA’s website for dates and times and any contact information that is available so that you can take part in your first cornhole tournament.

If you build it …

If you don’t find a cornhole tournament in your area, then you can organize one yourself. It takes some time and effort, but once the groundwork is set, you can build it to be an annual event, gaining interest, participation, and possibly even money, in the long run.