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Choosing paintball firepower is crucial in winning the battle field

Choosing Paintball Firepower is Crucial in Winning the Battle Field

You may have the speed, the right strategies, and a well organized team but you need more than that when you go into a paintball battle field. You need fire power. You need the best paintball gun that you can get your hands on.

If you are aiming to win you have to examine the paintball guns closely when you purchase them.

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a paintball gun is its firing system, you can choose from an electro-pneumatic, mechanical, or gas powered firing system. Here’s how we differentiate these firing systems:


This firing system depends on an onboard battery which provides the electrical power which moves gears inside the paintball gun that will cock and fire the piston. This piston makes the blast that sends a paintball into the air towards its target.

The electropneumatic paintball guns are capable of multiple shots. You can choose from 3-shot bursts, or 6-shot bursts, or you can go fully automatic when going for an ambush or a chase.

The paintball guns under this class can rapidly shoot 300-900 paintball rounds per minute. They also do not just boast of the rapid fire power but also of velocities ranging from 200 to 400 feet per second which definitely can send someone squirming if hit by a single shot.

Mechanical Power

The mechanical firing system is also referred to as the spring type. Most of the guns under this class are single shot paintball guns. Most paintball gun users use a gun with a blowback system when using a spring powered gun. A blowback system uses the excess air to cock the gun for the next shot.

Fire power is not the name of the game for the mechanical or spring firing system since it is a notch lower compared to the electro-pneumatic. It fires with a velocity ranging from 200 to 275 feet per second. Not that great but it will still hurt.

Gas Powered

Paintball guns under this class use pressurized gases like propane or refrigerants like HFC134a to shoot paintballs.

Most of the gas powered paintball guns can be set to fire on automatic or semi-automatic mode since they also make use of a blowback system. The excess air which triggers the system is also used to re-cock the slide the fires the paintball.

Choosing the Right Gun

Now that you know about the firing systems that can eject paintballs in speeds that you can not imagine possible, you also have to consider the different sizes, configurations, designs, styles, and the cost.

You have to consider how you will move around the field when you carry a gun. You also have to consider the type of game that you usually engage in.

As a paintball enthusiast you can choose from pistols to semi-automatics and fully automatics. Pistols are usually used as a back-up gun when something goes wrong with your main weapon. You can opt for long paintball firearms that you can switch from automatic to semi-automatic as your main weapon. These guns will serve you good for running assaults and attacking your opponents’ home base.

Buying a gun also depends on the budget that you can spend. You can get a gun for as low as $100 but can also find the best of the best at around $1000 minimum.

Knowing that you have the right gun fire power somehow boosts your confidence in the field. It also makes winning a lot easier and sweeter.

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Domain Website Builder Affiliate Genie Build Websites Easily

If you are looking for a domain website builder, you have just found the most powerful one.

The affiliate genie, just came out and it is creating a huge buzz. It was created to by an internet marketer for internet marketers and it is super easy to use. I was a beta tester and this is my review…

The website builder was created to make affiliate sites, but it does much more than that! You can actually create any type of website you want. You don’t have to use the product review pages that have the ability for visitors to comment and rate your products…if you don’t want to.

To get started, you just ftp one file folder onto your domain. I use filezilla because it’s free and easy. Once the file is uploaded, you go to yourdomainname/admin.php. You enter your login info and you are ready to make a website! The websites look really good too.

But the features included (wordpress style features!) are what make this product so great. Every time you make a page, affiliate genie automatically creates rss feeds and builds a sitemap for your site! This is very cool, as search engines will be able to index and rank your site very fast. Also, every time you add new content, affiliate genie will auto ping whatever sites you want. This is a feature I loved on wordpress, because you can add content regulaly and the search engines pick it up fast and give your site backlinks. More backlinks means better rankings and more traffic. Pretty simple formula.

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Cheat your way thin diet

Cheat Your Way Thin Diet

Joel Marion, former Body for Life Champion, has discovered a weight loss program that combines the craving to eat with the need to lose weight. It is called
Cheat Your Way Thin.

Why cheating? Because your body is too clever for the ordinary weight loss methods of restricting high-calorie foods and cutting back on meals: as calorie intake decreases, your body automatically slows down metabolism to store up nutrients against potential starvation. This mechanism offsets your slimming effort and explains why so many old-fashioned dieting tend to work at the beginning but fail in the end.
By carefully weaving a “cheat” element into the dietary system, Joel’s program keeps metabolism at an ideal level and accelerates rate of fat loss. It works something like this: you are reducing calorie intake for 6 days and then gives yourself a feast on the 7th day. On this day, your craving for food is satisfied, and your body is fooled to believe that there is still adequate food to come and therefore there is no need to slow down metabolism. In this way, you are able to burn off more fat at a faster rate for a longer time.
Of course, you cannot give in to overeating in a wrong manner. For any serious weight loss program to work, you need to “cheat” strategically and correctly. Here is how Cheat Your Way Thin comes in handy. Based on detailed research and testified results, the program designs a dietary system that fits most people.
Do you want to enjoy pizza and sausage and chocolate, or whatever your favorite food, from time to time while burning off your body fat? If so, Cheat Your Way Thin is your choice.
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