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Here’s how to choose a bike heart rate monitor

Here’s How To Choose A Bike Heart Rate Monitor

There are hundreds of bike heart rate monitors and this makes it hard to choose the right one for you.  I had a difficult time choosing an exercise monitor awhile back.  Each monitor has different feature and some are harder to work with and understand.  You would think that all you need is your heart rate but these new monitors have all kinds of feature.

With all these features, you need a good manual and all monitors have one.  Without it, it makes it difficult to understand how to use it.  If you are exercising to stay fit, then you just need a good quality unit.  So don’t go over board and buy the most expensive one.  You don’t need all of those features.

When considering a bike heart rate monitor, buy a medium price one that has features that you might use in the future.

So how can you determine what you want to buy?  Here are some things to consider:

  • Are you going to collect and store your heart rate over time?
  • What other information will you want to collect other than heart rate?  Will this monitor collect it?
  • Where do you want to wear your monitor?  On your wrist or do you have to wear it on your chest?
  • Can you download your heart data to your computer for storage?
  • Do you need continuous monitoring?

If you decide to buy the chest strap bike heart rate monitor, you will always have to wear it.  This monitor sends information to another device on your wrist or else where.  A digital signal gives you better results. 

If you decide on a chest monitor, you will have to have good contact of its electrodes on your chest to get constant reliable measurement.  These types of monitors may not be good for swimming.

A strapless bike heart rate monitor is placed on your finger or your wrist.  Make sure you buy a medium end monitor, which is calibrated to take measurements like an ECG machine.  Note that strapless devices cannot be used to gather data during your complete workout.  However, you can purchase a combination chest and wrist monitoring device.

When choosing a heart monitor, there are many options to consider.  Many of these options you many not even use.  Here are some options that are useful:

  • Heart rate alarm alerts you when you are above or below your training level.
  • The amount of time you spend in your heart rate zone
  • Gives you information on calories burned
  • Gives you the data on how long it takes the heart to recover from your session.
  • Counter timer for one minute exercises
  • Bike mount for viewing during bike riding

To train properly in bike riding or just to improve your fitness, you definitely need a heart monitor.  Some good monitors are the Garmin, Garmin GPS, Polar, or the Cateye.  Take your time in choosing a good device.  Look at all the features, but don’t buy into one that has more feature than you need.  Once you buy one, try it out right away.  You may not like it, and you may have to return it to the store for another brand.

Nascar tickets – denny hamlin wins texas race, overcoming knee injury

NASCAR Tickets – Denny Hamlin Wins Texas Race, Overcoming Knee Injury

He might have limped out of his No. 11 stock car following the rain-delayed Samsung Mobile 500 at the Texas Motor Speedway on April 19, but Denny Hamlin’s track record at Monday races went unscathed once again as the injured racecar driver sped away to yet another win in the 2010 Sprint Cup Series.

Hamlin’s second win in three races came at Texas just three weeks after he went under the knife to repair an ACL injury in his left knee, and the young Joe Gibbs Racing superstar didn’t seem to mind the soreness in his knee as he claimed a victory at April’s Samsung Mobile 500 at Texas. Hamlin certainly won’t let anyone rain on his parade, and he proved it by outlasting yet another rain delay to win his second Monday race in a row (the last being March 29 at Martinsville).

Hamlin’s No. 11 Toyota zipped into Victory Lane in Texas after a late crash claimed frontrunners Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart on April 19. In the final laps of the race, Hamlin surged past leader Jeff Burton on a Lap 323 (of 334) restart, crossing the finish line in first before cautiously stepping foot outside his stock car. Just three weeks after having surgery to repair a torn ACL, Hamlin seems to be back in contention for the Chase, and this second win of the season launched him into 11th place in driver standings – good enough to make the Chase if the season was to end today.

After posting the big win in Texas, Hamlin spoke to NASCAR.com about his mid-season surgery, saying, “I did it for the long run. I did it for the Chase. I did it for the championship… I’m still not 100 percent by any means. I feel like I’m 60 [percent] at best. We’re still a month away from getting back where we were.” Even though Denny Hamlin will be nursing a bum knee for the next couple months, his healthy right leg was enough to pack the heat at the Samsung Mobile 500 in Texas, and the 29-year-old driver hopes it will be enough to lead him into the Chase by the end of this season – a plausible goal as of now.

Currently sitting in 11th place in Cup Series standings after the April 19 Texas race (rocketing from No. 18 the previous week), Denny Hamlin is right on the line to make the Chase for the Championship, and by the 10-race playoff at the end of this season he hopes to have solidified a legit chance at his first series championship. After Texas, reigning champion Jimmie Johnson still sits in first place in driver standings, with Matt Kenseth in second, Greg Biffle in third, Kevin Harvick in fourth, Jeff Gordon in fifth, Kyle Busch in sixth, Dale Earnhardt Jr. in seventh, Jeff Burton in eighth, Kurt Busch in ninth, Mark Martin in 10th, Hamlin in 11th and Joey Logano in 12th.

With things heating up in the Cup Series this April, <a href=”http://www.stubhub.com/nascar-tickets/”>NASCAR tickets</a> are red-hot items on the sports market. NASCAR fans are thrilled to see if Denny Hamlin will be able to hold his place in the Top 12 as he continues the recovery process from recent surgery, and with several other big races coming up over the next couple months, time will soon tell if Hamlin’s two big wins in March and April will be enough to boost him into the Chase.

Wwe diva search winners & losers

Wwe Diva Search Winners & Losers

Since 2003, the WWE has held a unique talent search contest known as the WWE Diva Search. This competition involves some of the most beautiful and talented women around, vying for a spot on the WWE Divas roster. There’s usually one female crowned the winner each year, but this is never a true indicator of future success. In fact, several of the runner-ups and losers in the contest have gone on to more success than the winners. In this article, we’ll take a look at the winners and losers who’ve achieved success in the WWE brand of pro-wrestling and beyond.

The main purpose behind the diva search has been to find a new diva for the WWE Raw, Smackdown or ECW television shows who acts as an interviewer, wrestler and/or manager for other wrestlers. Past winners have included Ashley Massaro, Christy Hemme, Layla El and Eve Torres. Each of these women has achieved careers in WWE following their diva search victories. So far, Ashley may have achieved the most fame of these lovely women. She not only was a competitive wrestler in WWE for some time, but she also had cameo roles on TV shows, was on Survivor: China and appeared as one of several nude WWE divas in Playboy. Eve Torres is the most recent diva search winner and currently is a backstage interviewer on Smackdown. The lovely latina is training for her WWE wrestling career daily. Ashley and Christy are no longer with WWE, as both have moved on to other endeavors. Christy Hemme is currently on the TNA Wrestling Knockout roster, still bringing her beauty and skill to wrestling.

Although they’re technically considered “losers” of the diva search, they’re hardly losers by any means at all. Several divas have been eliminated early in the contest or were runner-ups and still went on to WWE Raw and Smackdown careers. Four great examples of this are Candice Michelle, Michelle McCool, Maryse Ouellet and Maria Kanellis. Candice, Maria and Michelle were all contestants in 2004′s Raw Diva Search, but Christy Hemme was its winner. Despite this, all three girls are still in WWE wrestling. Candice has held the WWE Women’s Championship while Michelle McCool is current WWE Divas Champion. Both Maria Kanellis and Candice Michelle have appeared as nude WWE divas in Playboy magazine.

Other women who’ve been hired by WWE despite losing the diva search include Joy Giovanni, Amy Weber, Taryn Terrell, Kristal Marshall and Maryse Ouellet. Maryse currently stars as one of Smackdown’s WWE Divas, while Taryn Terrell, also known as “Tiffany” is the assistant to ECW General Manager, Theodore Long. Another name or face you may recognize is Leyla Milani. She’s been featured in USA’s “members of the Raw nation” advertisement, and currently works as on the hit NBC show, “Deal or No Deal” as one of the girls with the briefcases. So the next time the diva search rolls around, don’t worry if your favorite contestant bows out early. She may still have a successful career in WWE wrestling or the entertainment industry.