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Dani jarque death-espanyol were shocked by death of captain

Dani Jarque Death-Espanyol Were Shocked by Death of Captain

Espanyol have verified the very sad news that their captain Daniel Jarque has died at the age of 26. Jarque, who was stated captain of the side just a month ago, died while on the phone to a relation in the early evening of Saturday 8th August.

Reports propose that Jarque suffered heart attack just hours after finishing a training session on the club’s pre-season tour of Italy. Espanyol were due to against Bologna on Sunday, but have cancelled their tour and will go back to Barcelona in the next 24 hours.

A club testimonial said: “RCD Espanyol, broken with pain, wish to put themselves at the absolute disposition of the family of our Captain Dani Jarque, to who go our warmest thoughts”. The information of Daniel Jarque’s death comes two years after Sevilla’s Antonio Puerta collapsed during a La Liga game and was later pronounced departed.

Barcelona President Joan Laporta presented his club’s condolences: “We are filled with extreme dismay at this tragic event which we deeply regret. Today we are all in mourning. I want to send on behalf of FC Barcelona, our deepest sympathies to RCD Espanyol for the painful loss of their Captain Dani Jarque, and to his family”.

Daniel Jarque was a huge hope for the Barcelona based club, and had received attention from Liverpool and Tottenham last season. He had stand for the club since 2001 and also played for Spain at all youth ranks without being capped by the full National side. It’s a terrible loss for Football, and all our thoughts will be with his family and friends at this very hard time.

Rudy lavecchia – cypress bay high school baseball star

Rudy Lavecchia – Cypress Bay High School Baseball Star

Rudy Lavecchia is a high school baseball prospect from Weston, Florida who plays the outfield for Cypress Bay High School. Rudy Lavecchia, known as a line drive hitter, helped Cypress Bay defeat Taravella 6-3 in the class 6A regional quarterfinals in June of last year by hitting a home run in the fifth inning that tied the game. Rudy Lavecchia finished the game 3 for 3 with with three runs batted in and scored twice. He is part of the 2010 graduating class, and as yet has not committed to any college. Rudy Lavecchia shares his birth date with perhaps the most infamous day in American history, being born on September 11, 1992.

Rudy Lavecchia is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs in at a lean 155 pounds. He has an athletic build that should be able to handle some extra weight to make him more durable at the next level. He shows patience at the plate and is equipped with quick and strong hands. He exhibits a level swing which enables him to get the barrel to the ball. He also exhibits a good ability to get to the ball in the outfield and shows some good footwork in the field as well. His skills make him a likely Division II or junior college prospect, although Rudy Lavecchia has the potential to be a Division I prospect if he can continue to improve his skills. Rudy Lavecchia has been known as a right fielder for most of his high school days and intends to maintain this position as he progresses into college baseball.

In his senior season Rudy Lavecchia had a total of 14 hits in 42 at bats to give him a .333 batting average for the season. He also reached base once on a hit by pitch and five times via a base on balls, giving him a .417 on-base percentage for 2010. Ten of his 14 hits were singles, with three of his hits going for two bases, and he was able to launch one out of the park during his senior season as well. He scored five runs during the season and also had seven runs batted in. Rudy Lavecchia finished the season with a .476 slugging percentage.

Rudy Lavecchia is a right handed batter and fielder, and his throws have been clocked at 81 miles per hour coming in from the outfield. He posted a time of 5.1 seconds in the 40 yard dash, with a time of 7.4 seconds in the 60 yard dash.

Rudy Lavecchia currently holds a high GPA, and although he has not made a final decision as to his college of choice, he intends to major in the field of Physical Therapy.

Golf: dealing with swing faults

Golf: Dealing With Swing Faults

Every golfer aims to perform a perfect golf swing. This muscle-stretching sport needs chiropractic advice and assistance to avoid back-related injuries, get rid of pain due to these injuries, and play better. Many golfers have faults in their swing. Swing faults can break a golfer’s career.

What are swing faults?

If your swing affects the club face alignment, swing path, angle of attack, hitting the sweet spot, or club head speed, then you have swing faults. So, review yourself and correct the swing faults.

First analyze your swing and identify the features which cause swing faults. A solution can be found by altering stance, swing amplitude, hip/shoulder turn ratio, grip, etc. Swing faults can be rectified by rectifying the imbalances in the musculoskeletal structures of your body.

The nervous, muscular and skeletal systems combine to create the neuromechanical system which is responsible for a good swing. The neuromechanical system’s state of readiness is based on the following.

1. Muscle Balance and Flexibility
2. Static and Dynamic Postural Stability
3. Strength  
4. Power

Analyze your performance based on your neuromechanical system and identify the reasons for a faulty swing. Ball flight is controlled by muscle balance and flexibility and static and dynamic postural stability which directly influence joint mechanics, muscle recruitment patterns, and consistency of movement. Strength and power also have a role to play in the angle of attack, club head speed, and hitting the sweet spot.

What can a chiropractor do for you?

A chiropractor can do the following

1. Analyze your physique
2. Help you to improve your game
3. Relieve you of pain.


A chiropractor could run a golf body screen and golf shape Rx and assess and reveal the factors that influence your swing faults by analyzing the following.  

•    Dynamic & static posture
•    Weight distribution
•    Weight transfer
•    Swing center movement
•    Center of gravity positions
•    Rotation
•    Wrist position
•    Head movement
•    Spine angles and more

Help you to improve your game

A golf body screen and golf shape Rx help a chiropractor to identify your swing faults, the physical cause, and the corrections necessary to change your game. If you follow a chiropractors’s advice, from driving to putting, you will be able to improve your ball striking, to hit the ball farther and with greater consistency, to get stronger and more flexible, and to watch yourself get over the hurdles you have faced so far in playing the game.

Relief from Pain

The golf shape Rx factor becomes dangerous when the swing method does not allow the golfer to keep his shoulder and pelvis parallel. Without this rigid parallelism, the rotational faulty swing will lead to back pain. To get back to the golf link at the earliest, the golfer uses some pain-killers to be relieved of pain. But it only provides a temporary relief. A good chiropractic could relieve you of this pain and help you play better.

The golf swing puts an unusual demand on your body. Due to the unilateral rotation of the spine when you aim for a full swing with your club head, the stress is on your back muscles and you could injure your back, elbows, shoulders, wrists/hands, knees or hips in a swing. So, it is essential that you know yourself first, so that you can avoid being injured and enhance your playing skills with power-packed swings.  A chiropractor could be of great help to analyze yourself, improve your game and also get rid of pain in case you are injured.