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What makes mcdermott pool cues the best

What Makes McDermott Pool Cues the Best?

Looking for a new pool cue? You can’t go wrong with a McDermott! Handcrafted with aged wood, it’s craftsmanship that makes a McDermott Pool Cue the best.

A McDermott doesn’t just show up on the showroom floor. In order to make the grade with this company, this pool cue has to first make the cut. This established company only uses the finest woods from around the world as material for their product.

After the wood is selected it is then aged for years. During that time it is processed in a variety of ways to remove moisture from the wood to insure quality. The hardness of the wood is developed through these processes as the moisture is removed from your pool cue. Then McDermott artisans handcraft the wood into the various sizes and styles that are offered today.

The McDermott craftsmanship continues as butt designs and finishing touches are added and embellishments are quivered into the pool cues. Lastly a McDermott pool cue is tested and then given a seal of approval. It’s on to the showroom!

McDermott pool cues while unique and renowned for their craftsmanship also have answered the call for variety. You’ll find a pool cue for the player at both ends of the spectrum, just having fun and the top of the game.

For players at the top of their game there is the McDermott Prestige Series. Each pool cue in the series is a limited edition, top quality product. These premium sticks are made of a variety of woods, hard American Maple, African Ebony and East Indian Rosewood just to name a few. These pool cues aren’t for everyone, just customers who demand the very best. Mother of Pearl inlays and the Gold Emblem stamp at the butt of the stick identifies this as the very best in pool playing equipment.

The Elite Series offered by McDermott is just a step down in price but not in quality. Although it doesn’t feature the pearl and gold inlays this series is still one of the most handsome you’ll find. Turquoise and other semi precious stones are used in the design work of these cues. Argyle patterns adorn the stick as well as other interesting colors and shapes. The Elite Series is perfect for the serious player or collector. The Elite Series pool cue is finished five times and buffed to perfection. This series is fantastic!

The Tournament and Competitor Series pool cues are great choices for anyone looking for a quality pool cue at a fraction of the cost. While these series don’t feature all the bells and whistles featured in the Elite or the Prestige, they are still better than most. They’ve passed the test and have been worked and processed to smooth perfection. Colorful and sturdy, these series offer the best cues for the limited budget and the beginning player.

Also check out these series, The Player, The Professional and the Sledgehammer. McDermott has been the top name in pool cues for decades. Why not rely on a company that has the handcrafted details in mind, McDermott!

Get your McDermott Cue today from a reputable online billiards store like CornerPocketPool.com.

Basics to know about swimming pool heaters

Basics to Know about Swimming Pool Heaters

As anyone who’s ever jumped into a frigid pool knows, a swimming pool heater is a handy gadget to have, especially for those cooler days and nights that hit every summer. People living in cooler climates usually like to extend their swimming days past Labor Day, and a heater makes it possible to enjoy that last bit of summertime fun before the leaves start turning.

Swimming pool heaters are generally offered with electric capabilities or, for more rural areas, propane or natural gas. In addition to the traditional heater, people today also have a choice of purchasing a heating pump as well as utilizing solar power through the use of a solar heating system, which is an energy efficient and environmentally friendly way of keeping that pool water warm during at least three out of four seasons a year.

In most cases the size and horsepower of a swimming pool heater will depend on the size of your swimming pool, or gallon capacity, and the temperature of your climate. It will take less energy and horsepower to heat a swimming pool on a cool Arizona night that it would in Minnesota.

In addition, whether your pool is above ground or in ground will also make a big difference. Most heaters come with an adjustable thermostat, which makes maintaining a constant temperature not only comfortable, but also energy efficient as well.

Most swimming pool heater options range in the 80-85% efficiency rating system, but some brands reach as high as a 95% rating. Try to avoid heaters that rate less than 83% or you’ll be spending more than an arm and a leg on your electric bills. Also, check the BTU’s that a swimming pool heater rates.

A BTU is the amount of energy that is needed to heat water by one degree, and most heating units offer between 75,000 and 400,000 BTU units. While the higher number will heat your pool in less time, they also cost more, so individual buyers will have to determine their savings quotient to determine which model will best suit their needs and utility budgets.

Heating pumps are also an option when comes to swimming pool heater choices. While original cost outlay is high, they utilize outside air to help warm water, so if you live in a warmer climate, this might be an option to look in to. Solar heating panels are also growing more popular among swimming pool owners around the United States.

Solar panels collect and store energy absorbed from the sun and can be used year round in sunny climates like Florida and California, as well as desert areas. Keep in mind however, that their use is based on weather patterns, so while they may be efficient most of the year, the winter months may prove frustrating.

Of all forms of swimming pool heater choices, the electric heaters are considered to be most energy efficient, though propane heaters come in at a close second. Price ranges for above ground pool heaters usually start at around $600, while those for in ground swimming pools run around $1,000.

No matter which type you’re thinking of purchasing, do your homework, shop around and make sure you know your options. Before you even start shopping for a swimming pool heater, know your basics.

Columbia river walleye fishing secrets

Columbia River Walleye Fishing Secrets

Walleye are easy to catch in the Columbia River if you know a bit about the walleye. For instance, they don’t like a lot of sound, they don’t like a lot of light, and it loves food. Walleye will usually try to stay in the deeper water so be sure that the jigs you are using have enough of a weight of some type to sink into the water, and the jigs are a bit colorful so the walleye will be sure to see them.

Also, be sure to use jigs that swivel or twist. A good tip to remember with your lure or jig is that “if you don’t feel it on the bottom” you aren’t going to catch that walleye. However, when it comes to your boat, use a trolling motor, and if possible go into the wind or the river’s current. This decreases the noise as well. You don’t have to have a huge engine or fast boat to catch those walleye in the Columbia River.

Of course, you have to have patience and give the walleye time to get adjusted to the jig or lure being on the bottom. As they get used to the jig they will then of course presume it is food and therefore attempt to eat it. When this happens and you feel that initial tug, don’t yank your rod. Instead slowly reel and then when you know the walleye is virtually trying to swim away from you and the boat, it is hooked. Now is the time an individual should be reeling the walleye in.

There are strategies for various times of year too. In these situations, fishing the Columbia River for walleye is usually best in the early months of spring. One secret that has proven successful too is the temperature of the surface water. If the water is less than fifty degrees the walleye seem to like body bait rather than sick bait. However, once the water temperature does change and get warmer, the walleye like the lures better as bait.
So, in all fairness this is a good secret to keep in mind as well. When the conditions are set just right, it is possible to catch a bunch of big, adult walleyes in a single day, although keeping a limit on what an individual catches is a good idea too.

Walleye are usually aggressive when it comes to what they want to eat and they will go after it, so the secret essentially to a good catch is to know about walleye as well.

Finding out as much as you possibly can about walleye and individuals who have actually caught them in the Columbia River is to an individual’s advantage as well.

Amazingly, for many fish anglers the best secrets are learned while fishing for walleye. Some people think it’s from experience while others disagree. Strategy sometimes has to be based on the surrounding area and where exactly the walleye are. In addition, to these tips and strategies an avid walleye angler can find several different web sites that are detailed in walleye fishing. These web sites often offer detailed information and strategies that actually are effective in a really good catch.