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Take a fly fishing vacation in antigua

Take A Fly Fishing Vacation In Antigua

If you are a fly fishing enthusiast then you probably spend time looking for new places to go participate in your sport. A lot of fly fishermen stay in the United States going to locales in Montana, Wyoming, and Alaska to try their hand. I would like to introduce you to a new world of fly fishing, the Caribbean.

In the heart of the Caribbean lies the island of Antigua with incredible coral reefs and beautiful crystal clear azure water which is filled with the likes of marlin, tuna, Wahoo, tarpon, and permit. Bonefish are a particular treat in Antigua and are a favorite of those who fly fish anywhere in the Caribbean. These fish have three times the stamina and strength of a comparably sized rainbow trout and will really test your tackle.

If you really want a treat have your guide take you out “jumping tarpon”. Tarpon are one of the most magnificent fish of all to catch inshore. The giants often approach 200 pounds and are a spectacular sight to see when they begin leaping out of the water. I have seen these giants jump as many as eleven times once they feel the pressure of the hook. If you are a northern fisherman who has always fished for pike, the tarpon will make you forget all about them as their performance pales in comparison.

One great fly fishing spot in Antigua is the Codrington Lagoon. This twelve mile long strip with an almost endless pink sand beach is thriving with an abundance of all sorts of sea life. It is not as advanced as a lot of the other locations that have their own ports and marinas but the natural beauty of the area is overwhelming and will leave you breathless.
The topography of the area is friendly with a maximum elevation of only 125 feet and the waters are relatively shallow which makes them a perfect place for going after bonefish and tarpon that love the local flats. This is the perfect destination for those who like to get away from it all as it is very primitive and the area only has 1500 residents.

If you are the type who wants more creature comforts on your fly fishing trip you should consider the Falmouth Harbor Marina. It was specially built to accommodate large boats and has docking available for vessels with drafts of up to 20 inches. This marina which is located on the English Harbour main road has all the facilities of a resort town with shops, bars, and restaurants all in walking distance.

So there you have it, two completely different choices for fly fishing in Antigua. What are you waiting for? Go book a trip.

Getting the most from your athletes as a coach

Getting the Most from Your Athletes as a Coach

In many different sports as a coach you will be tasked with bringing the best out of your athletes and sports teams, you will have to handle both athletes with great innate talent as well as athletes that may not be as gifted but are determined to improve and learn from you. A good coach is able to strike a fine balance between these as well as many other roles such as being a teacher and a motivator.

As a coach you are the designated leader of the team or group of athletes, you will not only coach them during matches and competitions but you will be training your stars prior to any major competition and teaching them new techniques along the way.

Sometimes, usually after a loss your athletes will be downhearted or lose motivation and it is the job of the coach to get them back to winning ways and light a fire under their sportsmen and women so that they share in your passion for the sport and the desire to win. This can be done in a number of ways, it isn’t always positive to deride and berate your athletes as they may have given their all in their last game and may not take kindly to a telling off. This can actually cause players and athletes to become disillusioned and give up which can have devastating knock on effects for the rest of the team.

There are other ways to help drive your athletes forward such as analysing previous performances, some teams record their games for future analysis and having the rest of the team present can turn this into a valuable learning exercise, any problem areas such as particular moves or strategies could be addressed and assigned some time for focussing on at a future practice session.

Another way to motivate your team is to try mixing up your strategies, you may find that your team has used the same strategy for a long time, this happens from grassroots right the way up to the professionals in your chosen sport. Some teams end up being known for a particular style of play and familiar tactics in all of their games, this can be dangerous as other teams will undoubtedly learn how to handle these strategies and they’ll learn fast.

Testing new approaches and tactics can be what gives your team and individuals the edge over the competition and if they have gotten used to your regular tactics then it can be all the more effective when you surprise them with new formations, plays and strategies.

As a coach you could be open to plenty of risks so a sports coach insurance policy can really help cover any unexpected expenses, from football to tennis coach insurance there are policies for almost every sport.

You can find discount sports tickets – save money and get cheap seats

You Can Find Discount Sports Tickets – Save Money and Get Cheap Seats

Finding discounted sports tickets can be easy when you search online with your favorite ticket website. Maybe you are considering going to a baseball game and you want to find a low-cost option for you. As you know many of the major league games can be very expensive to attend so finding a cheap ticket option is what you need. The first thing you want to do a search online and find the site that offers you tickets from reputable dealers for a discounted price. Whether you’re looking for football, hockey or basketball tickets to your favorite college or professional team, know that there can be deals found online.

Find: Cheap Sports Ticket

You also want to check the secondary ticket market through eBay. They have a large section for people who are looking to purchase tickets from season-ticket holders at a cheap price. It is important to understand that in some cases people cannot attend a game that they have tickets for so they need to get rid of their ticket so they lower with the price and listed on the site such as eBay. You benefit because you get to see your favorite team and you do not have to pay full price.

How to: Buy Discount Tickets

Always make sure that whoever you by your tickets from are reputable because there are many places that you can purchase tickets that are fraudulent. There is nothing worse than paying somebody your hard-earned money for tickets that are fake. This worse part about it is you probably will not know until you reach the stadium and they do not let you in. The best way to avoid this is to always investigate the place you’re purchasing the tickets from.

Remember that finding discounted tickets to your favorite team game is not hard to do, but you want to spend time searching for the best place to buy. Always look for a reputable ticket broker so that you can feel confident that the tickets you purchase are authentic. It is also a good idea to compare ticket prices before you which is the first good deal you see.