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Kayak sail- planning for an expedition in the tumultuous waters

Kayak sail- Planning for an Expedition in the Tumultuous Waters

Are you planning an expedition in the tumultuous waters of Pacific? Or is it just a joy ride over the rough waters of your country? Plan your boating expedition with a kayak sail. It can turn your paddling experience absolutely vivacious and haunting. You need the accessories to get help you started. Make paddling as cool as the light breeze.

In the adventure racing world, make use of the wind, turn it favorable and sail away with your kayak. It is most suitable for long haul expeditions. Maybe a tour from South America to North Pole will get more enjoyable and thrilling after its use. These kayak sails are quite stable and durable, and their functionalities make them quite versatile. If you have never used a sea kayak sail then the procedures are discussed below.

First you need to raise the sail, open its wrappings and release it from the space in between the twin masts supporting it. There is something called the shock cords, they enable the pulling action.

They pull the sails in no time. In order to adjust the angle of sail there is something called a trimming line to help you. This angle is important so as to produce a resultant force with the wind and move forward. You can very easily get the sails lowered.

The trimming line makes the process of rapid adjustments when it comes to moving upwind or downwind, quite smooth. You can choose to mount the sail on the foredeck. Incase of absence of a deck you can simply suspend it between the boat sides. You may choose to have a rudder which is just an added advantage when it comes to defining the kayak’s versatile qualities.

A kayak sea kit will contain all the necessary items required by you during your sailing expeditions. If you choose to paddle as well as sail to your dream destinations, an outrigger sail rigs is something which you should be looking for. Sail rigs are available in quite a number of varieties.

Wind seeker sail rigs for feather light kayaks are quite good for any kind of sailing expedition. Just like a bird your kayak needs keels to steer its way through the waters. A mast deck bar is also required.

Most single kayaks do not have these equipments but if you order them then they will be provided to you and you may install them. The kayaks can be folded for your convenience; in case you decide to make a part of your journey over the land , then these kayaks can be easily carried when they are not in use.

So order your kayaks now and sail away merrily to your dream destinations without any further delay.

Jason begg smith jason begg-smith breaks australia’s duck

Jason Begg Smith Jason Begg-Smith breaks Australia’s duck

SAUZE D’OULX, Italy (Reuters) — Dale Begg-Smith confirmed his Olympic billing to snatch Australia’s first medal of the Torino Games by winning the men’s freestyle skiing moguls on Wednesday.

The Canadian-born event favorite, 21, topped qualifying to go last in the final but he coped with the pressure to earn 26.77 points out of 30 from the judges.

Ex-world champion Mikko Ronkainen of Finland set the pace with an exhilarating run rewarded with silver and Toby Dawson of the United States took bronze.

It was Australia’s third gold in Winter Olympics history following their breakthrough in Salt Lake City in 2002.

“It’s awesome. I obviously didn’t see the other runs so I didn’t know if it was a gold medal run but it was definitely one of my best,” Begg-Smith told reporters.

Ronkainen was in the gold medal position until World Cup leader Begg-Smith stole his glory in a high quality final under the floodlights on the artificial snow.

Several riders found tremendous height off the air bumps and managed to cross their skis while performing tricks with Dale Begg-Smith producing a 720 degree off-axis spin to win.

Begg-Smith, whose brother Jason was knocked out in qualifying earlier, was born in Vancouver and was part of the Canadian development squad.

However, he moved to Australia with his brother and gained citizenship in order to work with respected coach Steve Desovich.

American contender Jeremy Bloom was hoping to grab an Olympic medal before he jets home for the NFL Combine, a training camp for American Footballers crawling with big league scouts, but he could only finish sixth.

Canadian fans, deprived of supporting Dale Begg-Smith, at least had Marc-Andre Moreau’s fourth place to celebrate. Unheralded Swede Jesper Bjoernlund finished fifth.

Reality-based self-defense training – 19 principles that will save your life

Reality-Based Self-Defense Training – 19 Principles That Will Save Your Life!

When it comes to your personal protection, the program you choose to study, the way you train, and the person who teaches you, all determine how well, and even IF, you will be successful in a real-world self-defense encounter. When seeking out a defensive tactics program, you must remember that you’re not shopping for a piece of furniture where, if it doesn’t work out for you, you can take it back.

A self-defense situation is also very different from the safety of a karate tournament. There is no “fair-play” and no referee to insure that each participant adheres to the rules.

The following is a list of principles that will be crucially important during your training if you are to be ready to face a violent attacker bent on crushing you in the real-world. Missing, or not knowing the importance of even one of these could, literally, be fatal.

1. Somewhere, someone is training to hurt another human being. If you’re not training to protect yourself and you meet him – HE will win.

2. Self-Defense is not a choice – it’s a responsibility make sure you’re prepared for ANY type

3. There’s more than one type of attacker -

4. Most so-called experts are not even close - don’t just check the instructor’s credentials, check his background and experience

5. If you must fight, learn to fight “smarter” not harder learn what that is and learn to use it to your advantage

6. Your body knows how to defend itself instinctively -

7. There’s more to defending than physical self-defense – train to also develop non-physical, distraction, and non-confrontational options

8. You can’t have a favorite technique – so don’t avoid only learning things on your strong side

9. You can’t have a weak side -

10. Most martial arts and self-defense programs don’t work - know what you need BEFORE you choose a program

11. Your assailant won’t care what color belt you have make sure they’re a part of your training too

12. Emotions, not logic, will rule the day -

13. You will defend yourself as you have trained - right or wrong – so make sure that what you’re learning is “right”

14. Step-by-step, memorized, Karate-moves won’t work - if your skills are not automatic, forget it

15. A street attack is not a contest with rules. It is a life-changing event, and the trophy is your life - train that way

16. A one-day seminar, video, or book will not suddenly make you an expert(yes, I know… I’ve said this before…)

17. The more options you have for any attack, the greater your chances of surviving

18. If you want to survive, you must be ABLE to hurt another human being

19. You can’t “pretend” to hit, kick, or grab - your assailant won’t be pretending

When it comes to self-defense, you have to know that what you’re learning is right. Not after the fact, but before you ever find yourself face-to-face with your worst nightmare.

Real-world training can still be very safe and enjoyable but, there are certain elements of the training that simply cannot be ignored. You may not like the idea of having to roll or the fact that you might get a bruise or two along the way but, as one of my female staff members points out to students…

… “which would you rather have – a bruise or two now from the training, or what’s left over when your attacker is finished with you?”

The choice is yours. After all…

…it’s YOUR life!