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Racing atvs

Racing ATVs

ATVs can rival the excitement that race cars bring when it comes to racing. Race cars are not the only vehicles that can fill the need for speed as an all terrain vehicle can also show others how fast it can go on the track.

All-terrain vehicles used for racing needs some modifying to be able to be as fast and agile as possible. For example, all-terrain vehicles used for recreation can be heavy; however racing vehicles need to be lightweight. To achieve this, some unnecessary parts need to be taken out leaving only the parts that are vital in keeping the machine safe and to achieve high speeds. These are spare parts that if taken out can still make the vehicle safe to race.

In racing all-terrain vehicles, performance and not utility is to be kept in mind. The vehicle also has to have a low center of gravity. Achieving this enables the machine to be more stable, thus avoiding crashes and accidents. Along with a low center of gravity, good suspension also needs to be applied to the vehicle. The perfect amount of suspension on the vehicle keeps the rider from bouncing too much during the race by absorbing the bumps and shocks on the track.

Racing is not exclusively for adults; even younger ones can feel the speed of all-terrain vehicles on the racetrack. Surely, these kids are excited by the idea of racing on bumpy roads and slippery tracks. The notion of being able to practically fly is probably enough to get adventure-thirsty children beg their parents to buy a mini ATV for them and allow them to race. After all, there are vehicles that are specifically designed for the children. As a rule, children should never ride vehicles made for adults.

Mini all-terrain vehicles are most suitable for young children to use, especially for racing. Aside from the usual safety features of all-terrain vehicles, mini all-terrain vehicles have what is called an Emergency Engine Cut Off. This is located on the back of the vehicle and is connected to a cord that causes the engine to shut down when pulled. So, all the parents have to pull the cord to make the vehicle stop completely. Another safety feature is the speed adjustment feature. This allows parents to manage how fast they want their child to ride. They can adjust the vehicles top speed to five miles per hour and below.

So if you are parent who is being incessantly begged by their kids for a mini-ATV, knowing these safety features will put your mind at ease. At least you are aware that whenever your kids ride, they are safer as compared to them riding an adult sized vehicle. If riding is in the blood of your kids, they will look for it anywhere, might as well support them by teaching them how to ride safely.

Racing may be fun, especially when one is getting good at it and is able to perform tricks and stunts that leave the audiences’ mouths hanging open. However, it should always be kept in mind that ATVs can be dangerous if the safety measures are compromised.

A game that is both entertaining as well as educating

A Game That Is Both Entertaining As Well As Educating

People throughout the times have indulged in various sports that have entertained them and kept them physically stronger and mentally alert. But seldom has a sport been followed with such passion as the sport of paintballing. The reason behind this sport’s tremendous popularity is the extra element of learning that it inculcates in its followers as well as players. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or a beginner. It is also immaterial whether you are a male or a female, a child or an adult. Once you have played this sport you will get hooked onto it like nothing else before. This sport will capture your imagination like no other sport has in the recent times.

The game of paintball has many variations which are all very interesting. Some forms of this sport that are very common are capture the flag, king of the hill, team death match, and hunt the ham. In almost all of its variations there are two teams that try to outplay each other by hitting the opposing team’s members with pellets. The rules and regulations of all the variations are made by keeping in mind the safety of the players. The paintball game can be played in commercial locations as well as private locations. The major differences between the two being that in the commercial locations the rules are well monitored and the safety of the players is of high standards. This sport is one of the safest sports in the contemporary times. The speed of the pellets is monitored using a chronograph. The velocity has to be maintained at a certain level that is considered safe for the players. The paint ball gear that is required varies depending upon the style of the sport as well as the level of skill of the player. Some equipment that is mandatory is the paintballs, masks, as well as complete paint ball marker.

So just visit your nearest paintballing venue and indulge in this new and exciting sport.